Inspiration from Dr. Northrup

“It is our vision and hope for the future that heals us and draws us forward. Our cells keep replacing themselves daily, and we create a whole new body every seven years. So it is not accurate to say that our pasts are locked in our bodies, though sometimes it seems that way. What is really going on is that the consciousness that is creating our cells is often locked in the past – and that consciousness keeps re-creating the same old patterns. If, however, we can change the consciousness that creates our cells, then our cells and lives improve automatically, because health and joy are our natural state.”         –   Dr. Christiane Northrup

Grab your paper and give Dr. Northrup’s visioning exercise a try by asking yourself the following questions:

    • “If anything at all were possible, quickly, easily, and now, what would your life look like?”
    • “Who would be in it?”
    • “What would you be doing?”
    • “Where would you be living?”
    • “What would you feel like?”
    • “What would you look like?”
    • “How much money would you be making?”

Now imagine yourself one year from today, having created what you want. Really envision your phenomenal year. Look back, envision and celebrate this imagined year “through the power of connecting with your inner guidance and wisdom”.


If you haven’t read her book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. I would recommend it.

If this seems overwhelming reach out for support from me or another coach your trust.

All things are possible if you chose to take action from a place of love.


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