I specialize in individualized support for those who struggle with ADD and anxiety. I listen for your needs and design customized services to help you move forward.

Coaching is NOT therapy. You don’t need to know how to start. My role is to guide you or your child in the process. Through reflective inquiry I help my clients gain clarity and then create steps to make life easier by incorporating new strategies. I will work with you to identify your strengths and build upon them to create actions for compassionate change.

I offer several options for coaching sessions.

  • Individual sessions in your home or meeting at a public space. 
  • Walking coaching.  have found this to create a relaxed, open atmosphere that allows for connection especially for people who are anxious about giving coaching a try.
  • Individual sessions over the phone, zoom or skype. 

Examples of possible support for CHILD/TWEEN/TEEN

  • Gaining understanding of yourself as a learner – learning style/needs.
  • Identifying your needs and practicing how to communicate them through role play.
  • Designing systems to manage school assignments to be independently successful.
  • Setting yourself up for success with homework/organization/follow through.
  • Creating positive self-talk, growth mindset and goal setting that celebrates effort.
  • Learning strategies to deal with test anxiety. 
  • Planning ahead for breakdown and how to start over.
  • Clarifying responsibilities, steps for follow through and strategies for getting started.

Examples of possible support for PARENTS 

  • Clarifying release of responsibilities to child/teen, How to design a written plan and make use of it.
  • Designing your relationship with your child with a focus on the long view, “What do you hope for your 18 year old?”
  • How to give feedback that is loving and clear to encourage your child to grow. Focusing on the lessons to help him/her learn for life.
  • Gain awareness in your role as a parent.

Examples of possible support for PARENT AND CHILD/TWEEN TOGETHER 

  • Modeling reflective listening and respectful feedback.
  • Shared commitment. Who is responsible for what part? How will we support each other?
  • Creating plans for workable relationships within the home and/or related school related.
  • How to start over when an agreement or plan has been broken and remain focused on learning.