Talk It Through

I support parents with navigating at home or online education for their children.  I educate and coach diverse learners in grades 4 – 12 by helping them take steps toward ownership of their education. I listen for your needs and design customized services to help you move forward on the path of learning as a rewarding experience.

Examples of coaching I have offered tweens/teens

  • Gaining understanding of yourself as a learner – learning style/needs.
  • Strategies for getting yourself started and staying on track.
  • Setting yourself up for success with homework/organization/follow through.
  • Creating positive self-talk, growth mindset and goal setting that celebrates effort.
  • Learning strategies to deal with school anxiety. 
  • Planning ahead for breakdown and how to start over.
  • Clarifying responsibilities and steps for follow through.

I offer options to meet your needs, day and evening times.

All meetings currently on Zoom.

Coaching is NOT therapy. You don’t need to know how to start. My role is to guide you or your child in the process. Through reflective inquiry I help my clients gain clarity and then create steps to make life easier. I will work with you to identify your strengths and build upon them to create actions for compassionate change.